B.O.L.L.O.C.K.S. House Rules

An on-going list of house rules for Boys On Legitimate Logistical Operations Concerning Kommand Systems:
1 You missed the table with your die? MISSED! No reroll. You failed. Your guy tried to throw the bullet at his target or something.
1a You dropped your order die for Bolt Action? The unit you were going to activate is DOWN
2 A draw against Mark or Sam is classed as a win. If Mark and Sam draw together they both lose. (40k+30k)
3 WYSIWYA – What you see is what you agree. Make sure your opponent knows what your little toy soldiers are armed with
4 Nathan can’t use his “lucky” die
4a Neither can anyone else.
5 When one of your units goes above the call of duty, you may “Do a Mark” -“Yesssss!”
6 When an opponent’s unit performs particularly poorly you may point and laugh – “AAAaa!”
7  When one of your own units performs particularly badly you may wryly grin “Just as planned…”
8 The correct response to “Two hits” is “To who?” Sam is insistent that one day this will be funny
9 Do not feed Sam after midnight
10 If Dan is asleep, its probably time to wrap it up. Or poke him…whatever, its your funeral.
11 All new games are the responsibility of Kib to learn
12 There is no Rule 12
12a When in doubt make a rule up for Rule 12
13 Alcohol is not permitted. Medicinal alcohol IS permitted however. No doctor’s note is required.
13a Rubbing alcohol is also permitted, but please no “rubbing”
14 That tank you just dropped isn’t ruined, its “kustomized”
15 Don’t make Twilight jokes when Mark’s playing Blood Angels. It’s a pain in the neck.
15a Or Frozen jokes when he’s doing Valhallans. Seriously, let it go.
15b And Sam’s Ultramarines are not Smurfs
16 Constantly remind Dan that his next army should be Angry Marines.
17 Don’t bring it up with Kib that the Tau are Weeaboos
18 Tell Nathan how awesome his Terminator Lord is painted
19 When entering the shed, ask Sam when he became a Games Workshop stockist.
20 We do other games aside from 40k, honest. We have Bolt Action, Judge Dredd, Gorkamorka, Star Wars Miniatures, Dreadfleet, a heap of various boardgames…
21 If you find a powerful combo… Knowledge is power, hide it well.
22 We settle disputes as Men. With pistols at 10 paces (nerf)
23 Nathan encourages you to split the party in Dark Heresy, and expects his plucky heroes to run toward the screaming. Who knew?
23a When in doubt blow up the base, or get the “it’s me it’s me” scene in the game
23b Captain Cat and his Monkey Men are the best group of acolytes
24 Accents are not necessary when playing Bolt Action, though they are actively encouraged
24a Once started, an accent cannot be ceased till the end of a game