It’s Grim up Nerf

Yes, that’s a delicious pun. And no, it’s not mine. I am somewhat jealous.

On the 13th Kib, Arthur and I went to Grim up Nerf 8 in Farsley* for some foam darty goodness. So after a long while driving, we arrived at the Mormon Church. It’s ok, Arthur didn’t burst into flames or require permission to enter the premises or anything.

We were greeted with an 8 year old or two entering the building. Ah. Oh well, we soldiered on and went to get checked in and sign a declaration of “if I be gets hurted I not sue” and found some other adults to hang around with. We were 3 of the 4 unaccompanied adults of the day, but there were a fair few other people that should probably know better so we didn’t feel out of place. The age split was really quite good. 20 or so little’uns and 10 or so adults. Or more accurately 6 adults and 4 or 5 grown men that should probably know better.

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Time to unleash…


Just about enough selfflagellation for now, I think. I’ll take last night’s video down. So what, a huge chunk of my life has been ripped from me because of a lie? It’s not like it was part of how I define myself or anything and over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to distract myself from doing something particularly stupid…oh wait. Meh, I mean you’re happy to let me rot like this, so why aren’t I? Sooner or later darling, it’ll eat you up if you don’t tell the truth. It might take months or even years, and you might try and pass it of as PTSD to others, but you know that feeling you get at those particular moments is guilt. I want you to know that I’ll not press charges if you come forward voluntarily, and I don’t think I ever will.

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Onward and downward

This should be my 100th post, but due to recent events I have redacted and removed some of my previous posts, just as one of the biggest and most worthwhile parts of my miserable existence has been ripped from me. All because of a lie I couldn’t disprove…

So tomorrow this bad boy is released for two days and I have to see if I can resist it.

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