Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, that was close. I was this close to being Jayne again. After working on it for two weeks straight, and all I had to show for it was this.

So it looks the business, mostly. Aside from my luminous codpiece, but if you’re looking at that, my luck’s in, right?

So: I made this without a pattern, without any previous foam armour knowledge – and, well, I finished something I started.

I got to this point on the second Saturday of work, so I had a week to paint it, and this is where Captain Bork made his customary appearance.

Streaky, streaky paint

Now, silly me thought that I want to get a high coverage, high pigment paint to use on this. So I went to get some acrylic paint from The Range. Boy was I wrong. So now with a very streaky cosplay, I had 4 days left.


Ok, so after a brain fart, I hit upon a simple truth: use spray paint, genius.

So then we got here, after a but more mucking around.

As in I used a clear automotive lacquer, and it came out cloudy, so I rescued it with a pot of Macragge blue and a damn good brushing, with a tank brush for modelling.

Even, even spray.

So, without further ado.

In the grim darkness of the far future there’s a lot to point at

So, still to do:

  1. Make the cloak bigger and better
  2. A visor to hide my glasses
  3. Boots to add 4+ inches of height
  4. Cosmetic surgery on the Mastodon to make it a heavy bolter
  5. Correct back on torso with cooling system
  6. Redo the shoulder pads

In the future I will do a proper build log of this bad boy, as I now know how to make a Space Marine Scout.

Or rather “How not to make a Space Marine Scout Cosplay (by an idiot that tried)” as the post(s) will be called.



Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 1: Things what I bought.

I wish to start dear reader, by reminding you that I am an idiot. I know this, you know this; but now we both know that we both know this. If what I’m about to talk about sounds like you think its beyond me, it is. But that kind of reasoning hasn’t stopped me before, so why should I let it get in the way now?

Violente et ignorantiae, is the family motto, after all.

I mentioned before that I’m wanting, and indeed trying (trying being the operative word) to make a cosplay of a space marine scout.


These guys

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