Easter 2016: The Execution

Well, as expected things did not all go to plan. Naturally. However dear readers, I planned for that. I am firmly of the belief that if you know you’ll only ever get 50% done, you should plan twice as many things!


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Easter 2016: The Plan

Oh no. Sam’s making a plan again. This is bound to be stuck to.

Well, yes I am. I have 2 and a half days to do with what I want, and I aim to use them.

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I have my stuff, all of it.

I’m nearly 30, single and back at home with mummy. I shouldn’t be here, I know that – but here we are. I may talk about why in the future.
Half a houseworth (which should be a measurement) and a whole garageload (read “shitload”) of it to be precise. All strewn around my poor mother’s house.
The back room is entirely off limits till further notice and the house is a tip, which I feel awful about, but Mother did say to not rent a garage as we’re getting a shed built.
Of course, until the new shed is built the house is an utter disgrace entirely because of me.

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A rather rare thing

…My blogging, that is.

I’m sat here at a new desk (new job – which is new) and I’ve not blogged in over two months!

Since I last posted –

Shit loads (In no particular order):

Go Ape,
Adam’s Christening,
Easter weekend garden extraordinaire,
Demi had to be put to sleep 😦
Quatro finally closed
New job at an LED sign place
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Plus stuff I’ve forgotten.

I will blog – but remind me.

2015 The Plan

It feels somewhat like I’ve been here before

Ok, lets take a look at what I’ve achieved in the last year. Well, 9 months but whatever.

This year I aim to:

  • Actually get a hold on the amount of 40k I have and feckin paint a load up
  • Get back into the piano properly, and perchance play in public again
  • Electronics
  • Gardening (Because I’m apparenly middle aged)
  • Chill out a fecking bit
  • Get on at work, or move on
  • Hike
  • Camp

Unsurprisingly, this was not all done.

  1. Actually get a hold on the amount of 40k I have and feckin paint a load up. This was dependant on the mancave being sorted, and that’s ongoing
  2. Get back into the piano properly, and perchance play in public again. I am playing more regularly, but what with my broken knuckles of the other year, it’s a hard slog
  3. MAN CAVE. Is up, and currently undergoing a fuckton of tidying
  4. Electronics. Yeah, dropped the ball on this one
  5. Gardening. Oh, I seem to have butterfingers…
  6. Chill out a fecking bit. There’s a theme developing here
  7. Get on at work, or move on. HAHAHAhaha…
  8. Hike. Nope
  9. Camp.

…So I shall carry on with last year’s plan.



Some things for the garage, YML’s birthday and starting up at the gym

What did you get up to at the weekend?

I got some furniture for the garage (stationary cupboard and other storage cupboard), so that I can get on top of my shit.

On Saturday I went to see Young Master Luke before his birthday, and I’m amazed at how much he’s come on – it literally feels like its only been months since he was born, not years.

And yesterday I went to the gym. Which, unlike some other of my attemps at starting a fitness routine, has a pretty decent chance of success. This has NOTHING AT ALL to do with being surrounded by university girls working out.


Yeah right.


In the not so distant future

My good freind Kib will be featuring me on his blog soon, this time not unwittingly, go check him out.
He reveiws movies, games, boardgames, and rambles on a lot like me.

Today, Stuart and I will be trying to finish taking the tree out that Dan, Kib and I started last week.

Last Saturday we moved the sleepers that were, long ago, under the shed as SWMBO wants a pew, dug out a trench trying the get this sodding tree out, and burnt more wood.

Not long now till ManchesterComicCon!


A month slips by…


Well it has been too long, as is the usual state of things, and I haven’t blogged.
The problem, dear reader, is that I have nothing – NOTHING – to tell you about.

Becks, Stuart and I cleared the garden a bit more, and burnt off all but the last of the shed.

Did I mention we’re making way for a GARAGE?!?! Nothing fancy, just 12’x8′ – enough to house a workbench and 6’x4′ gaming table.  Me so happy. I can put beers on. I can has gaming table. I can mod some of my nerf guns. I can has electronics funs. I can has space to get things sorted…etc etc

Rebecca’s Birthingday was on the 12th, and we went out for a nice meal at Del Caleminos (undoubtedly spelt wrong), and also went to go see XMen: DOFP. Which was surprisingly NOT BAD, and even more surprisingly ACTUALLY QUITE GOOD. But then again, anything with Jennifer Laurance running around dressed in nothing but latex will automatically get a few stars in my book.

Ok not anything.


I’ve started reading The Tales of The Ketty Jay series of books. The first one was a gift given to me by Kib, and in a break from tradition, I managed to get to read/play it within 24 months of receiving it*. I loved it so much that I immediately ordered the rest of the series after finishing the first.

These book is like nothing you’ve ever seen before so I doubt you’ll ever like it…lies

I had my first game of Malifaux. Which was a fun game, but the rules were a bit of  mind bender. Just give me my dice back! Having said that, I really liked the card mechanic.

Car needs a new exhaust, tyres and brake pads.

And Rebecca has started her own collection of little model men. And she finally watched Firefly and Serenity.

Oh, we’re also going to Manchester Comic Con.

I think I’m beginning to rub off on her…


So it turns out that I did have a blog in me! Well let’s all hope that it won’t be as long till the next one!

Arrivederci, bastards



* if indeed at all.

I’m at it again!

Reading up on the background of 40k is a really bad idea for me…oh hobby butterfly that I am


I read about the Ultramarines Honour Company and Deathwatch Black Shields earlier this/last week.*
The Ultramarine Honour Comany (UHC) is a company that Roboute Guilliman  founded at the end of The Heresy as a constant vigil against any enroaching Chaos threat. (Read above link)

This extra Company exists outside of the standard 10 companies in the Ultramarines’ Chapter. It is made up from volunteers from the Ultramarines and their second founding chapters. Not much is known about them, other than in the old Eye Of Terror codex they are listed as fighing, and in some of the pictures they are simply vanilla-second-company-esque smurfs. These volunteers repaint their power armour to smurf, and fight under the UHC banner. I will HAVE to do a squad or two of these. Merde.

And secondly, Black Shields. These guys are awesome. I was going to be painting a small contingient of Deathwatch (seiously, I like started the build about 2-3 years ago) and since the new SM codex, I’ve thought that Deathwatch marines would work quite well as allies using Imperial Fists rules. I have also thought that I’d like to model a Captain in Centurion Warsuit (rules be damned).
I shall, therefore, be doing both. A Deathwatch Blackshield Captain in Centurion Warsuit. Using intresting bits from around the internets.

They also have a sheild I’d like for the UHC Champ


…and so begins the next part of the neverending crusade…


Slight Man-Cave update:
We got a silly quote from Okenclough (Somewhere in the region of £2300) so this weekend we stopped by someone else and got a quote for a brick-and-mortar garage for ~£2000…guess what we’re going with!


Thanks for stopping by,



*By this I mean “I’ve slept since then, and I can remember it. Therefore I’ve probably not made it up, or was not drinking at the time.”