2019: First week

So over the last week I did quite a bit! And in keeping with The Plan, I’m going to blog about it. I got out an about with Kibby and Jayney, out on them there hills in the first of what I’m wanting to be a monthly “Summit Sunday.” The overall aim of which is to have done all the Wainwrights under my hopefully smaller waistline by the time I’m 40. All the ones I’ve done previously are wiped clean and no longer count toward this goal. So that’s 214 peaks to do in (12×8)+4 = 100 months. Yep. Totally doable screwed already.
For the first one we decided to start out easy be ticking off Holme Fell and Black Fell (nr Tarn Hows) in one sitting. They’re not big (the highest is a little over 300m) and all in all we planned for about 4 hours walking. Continue reading “2019: First week”


2019: The Plan

Yeah yeah, I know: we’ve been here before.

I’ve said it before: I’m self aware, if nothing else.

So 2018 has been and is almost gone. Over the course of the past 365 days I’ve come to think of it as…a period of my life that I’ve been through. As usual I’ve not done an awful lot of what I wanted, I’ve gotten fatter, have become less active, have procrastinated more, and have spent a lot of money on things I should have not.

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You’re not right: Alt-Right isn’t far-right… Right?

Oh look, another mainstream media misnomer, just like “troll.” Here we go again.

Before we begin,
1 – I am in no way defending the actions of that man. He murdered a public servant in cold blood for political reasons. The definition of terrorism. I am talking here about the continued misuse of the term “alt-right”
2 – You have to entertain the wild notion that you could be wrong in your preconceptions about the Alt-Right
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Target Audience Pt2

Well, continuing the theme of things I would buy if I had the money (I don’t).

I’m browsing the interwebs this lunchtime and Lo! Behold what Amazon wants to sell me:


ghillie suit

Even better given that I’m of to Grim up Nerf 8 tomorrow, Sadly it wouldn’t arrive in time, else I’d be seriously tempted. That and the brightly coloured guns sort of defeat the point…unless I paint them…

Life update – Went to  Manchester Comic Con no the 30th July weekend, and Preston last Saturday as Free hugs Jayne. Actually got recognised on Preston, which was nice.

But more on that story later.


Hey, Stranger

So , dear readers, you may well be wondering what ol’ Twibby has been up to these past few months. Well I can, without much of a doubt, tell you: not effing much.

I got the piano tuned! So… I can not play a tuned piano


I Work got a 3d printer, so prototype models can be built quicker. This opens up the possibility for using it for some scenery ideas… Like a drop pod I spied a while back and thought I could make a bit better. Continue reading “Hey, Stranger”

Since I’ve Been Gone

The country decided that chopping off its nose would teach its face a lesson about how to smell.
Another unelected person becomes PM (but the mainstream media doesn’t moan about it this time for some reason, anyone would think that certain party donors own the media…)
Turns out the brexit campaign was full of lies. Who knew? Oh wait, those of us with more than two brain cells to rub together
Manchester Comic Con finally announces more guests. Most of which are COMPLETE nobodies and TWO are from storage hunters. WTFDTHTDWA* geeky?
The weather is wet. Everyone complains. Then the weather dries up and tries to melt Britain. Everyone complains. Just as planned.
I’m now doing Preston comic Con to make up for Manchester somewhat seeming… shit somewhat lack lustre.
I’m going to both Cons as Jayne, with Kibby going as wash, my costume is 90% complete. Just need to make a free hugs (in my bunk) sign, for obvious reasons.
A nerf rapidstrike is being used for Vera.
I went for a little fall and have completely destroyed the tendons in my right ankle. Consequently can’t walk that far or fast…
Jayne will now have a crutch, and a limp.
I am now playing Stardew Valley, and it’s a nice un-manic game a bity like Harvest Moon
Robot Wars is back on! Razor…was poorly driven.

However, the biggest news is…I now play Magic. Curse you Kibby!

I will return.


*What The Fuck Does That Have To Do With Anything (which is an acronym that I’m sure I’ll get use out of)