Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 1: Things what I bought.

I wish to start dear reader, by reminding you that I am an idiot. I know this, you know this; but now we both know that we both know this. If what I’m about to talk about sounds like you think its beyond me, it is. But that kind of reasoning hasn’t stopped me before, so why should I let it get in the way now?

Violente et ignorantiae, is the family motto, after all.

I mentioned before that I’m wanting, and indeed trying (trying being the operative word) to make a cosplay of a space marine scout.


These guys

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Modding a different nerf sniper

Well, the previous one was too much hard work to be honest, and I’ll definitely get onto it when I’ve had a bit more experience with this sort of thing. However –


This is done.

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