Time to unleash…


Just about enough selfflagellation for now, I think. I’ll take last night’s video down. So what, a huge chunk of my life has been ripped from me because of a lie? It’s not like it was part of how I define myself or anything and over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to distract myself from doing something particularly stupid…oh wait. Meh, I mean you’re happy to let me rot like this, so why aren’t I? Sooner or later darling, it’ll eat you up if you don’t tell the truth. It might take months or even years, and you might try and pass it of as PTSD to others, but you know that feeling you get at those particular moments is guilt. I want you to know that I’ll not press charges if you come forward voluntarily, and I don’t think I ever will.

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Daredevil wasn’t that bad Vs. Flying Moody Space Jesus

“I love you.” “…I know”
So I’ve been to see Orphan Fight: 2016. Let me begin by saying how much of a DC fanboi I am not, but I know my way around the stuff that matters. The more I have seen advertised about the DCCU, the more I become less and less excited about it. The Dark Knight Trilogy (TDKT) has a lot to answer for; like the entire setting of the DCCU. Seriously at no point should Superman be dark, gritty, or in an R-rated movie. Where Cap is a walking flag, Supes is a FLYING flag.
I honestly think that TDKT has ruined DC movies as much as IMHO Bourne killed Bond. Let me also state that I wanted this movie to be bad, almost as much as I wanted to see Manbat and Space Jesus on screen together.

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Boss Monster

Kibby came over on Friday for what looks like is going to become a regular thing. We played games and grabbed Pizza. So…

One day you’re merrily in your evil underground lair bossing your minions about and then some upstart adventurer / plumber throws his spicy meatballs over your carefully laid out plans:maxresdefault.jpg


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