Hey, Stranger

So , dear readers, you may well be wondering what ol’ Twibby has been up to these past few months. Well I can, without much of a doubt, tell you: not effing much.

I got the piano tuned! So… I can not play a tuned piano


I Work got a 3d printer, so prototype models can be built quicker. This opens up the possibility for using it for some scenery ideas… Like a drop pod I spied a while back and thought I could make a bit better. Continue reading “Hey, Stranger”


A rather rare thing

…My blogging, that is.

I’m sat here at a new desk (new job – which is new) and I’ve not blogged in over two months!

Since I last posted –

Shit loads (In no particular order):

Go Ape,
Adam’s Christening,
Easter weekend garden extraordinaire,
Demi had to be put to sleep 😦
Quatro finally closed
New job at an LED sign place
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Plus stuff I’ve forgotten.

I will blog – but remind me.

2015 The Plan

It feels somewhat like I’ve been here before

Ok, lets take a look at what I’ve achieved in the last year. Well, 9 months but whatever.

This year I aim to:

  • Actually get a hold on the amount of 40k I have and feckin paint a load up
  • Get back into the piano properly, and perchance play in public again
  • Electronics
  • Gardening (Because I’m apparenly middle aged)
  • Chill out a fecking bit
  • Get on at work, or move on
  • Hike
  • Camp

Unsurprisingly, this was not all done.

  1. Actually get a hold on the amount of 40k I have and feckin paint a load up. This was dependant on the mancave being sorted, and that’s ongoing
  2. Get back into the piano properly, and perchance play in public again. I am playing more regularly, but what with my broken knuckles of the other year, it’s a hard slog
  3. MAN CAVE. Is up, and currently undergoing a fuckton of tidying
  4. Electronics. Yeah, dropped the ball on this one
  5. Gardening. Oh, I seem to have butterfingers…
  6. Chill out a fecking bit. There’s a theme developing here
  7. Get on at work, or move on. HAHAHAhaha…
  8. Hike. Nope
  9. Camp.

…So I shall carry on with last year’s plan.



Wow, lancaster is….well….kinda crappy

Well, as those sad enough to keep a regular check on my blog already probably know, Im at University.
Woot. Fear my pwnage-leetness etc.
Not working 8-5 anymore, hotties-a-plenty, Brain useage, Ive found new wahammer players.
Uni workload soon going to overwhealm me
Cherise would kill me if I even looked at the hotties 😦
Im sure my brain died whilst I was working (where the wittiest comment uttered was something about a fellow worker being a ‘tranny’*)
All the Warhammer players will know the game AT least as well as me, so here begins the biggest loosing streak of all time
Oh, and Im claustrophibic, so cant go out without a panic attack setting in. No sociologising for ME…
*To which my reply was OMFGUBERLOLLERSAUROUSREXWTFBBQ!!!! They then all looked confused…sigh
Oh, I walked out of work. Ha, go me.

And the world shall be mine!

Mwuhahah! My boss lifted the restriction on live spaces! I may blog again! Well, whats happened in the past…(checks)…month?
Freakin loads. I seem to be manic depressive for one. Yay. You know when you just cry and youre not totally sure why? I know, coz I seem to be doing it quite a lot at the moment. But when I’m on a high, I get loads done. Which is useful. I have a Spaceport for 40k in the works, a SM base, more or less an entire Imperial city (in ruins), a crashed spaceship, a refinery…..I could go on. So other useful things….hmmm….
Give me a mo.
I think it might be Radio 1 thats making me like this.
All of the damn depressive songs that are coming out at the mo are going to be the end of me I swear. Yay.
I wonder if I’d be doing the ‘musical’ world a misdemeaner by killing off ‘bands’ like “MaxEMO Park” and “The White Stripes”…
Anyway, got to go.
…For a completely unrelated reason. Really…

The entire story of My Dirty Weekend Away

Hello folks! What did you all get up to on the Easter weekend?
Four day weekends are great, especially when you get paid for two of them. *Smugness* So, with my time off, Cherise and myself went up to the lakes for a ‘walking’ holiday. Lukilly most people saw through this paltry excuse for what it really was…A Dirty Weekend Away! (Henceforth known as the DWA)
Now before you all get excited, youre not going to get told [all] of the details! But please keep reading. Seriously, because I have your dog/cat/childhood teddy here, and if you dont, Fido/Fudge/Freddo here gets it.
So on Friday morning, we set off, at about 10:30 ish, which is half an hour later than I wanted, but it was all good. Not too much traffic getting up there, and I did take motorway (Oh YES I did, Sheila). We got to Coniston and onto our campsite and– Nuts its packed. With people who think that caravanning is camping.
howdee normal weirdos! Sam loves Bum S£x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! without lub£!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Sam) Dude, I don’t think that you can put that on here…
Sorry bout that folks, Lee’s a co-worker that seems to have a facination with me and homoeroticism.
Help me.
Anyway, there were also a lot of people who’s motor functions dont work unless they’re blaring out crap music at 100Db+ there too. And Hoathwaite farm used to be so nice and Quiet. That nite I asked (In as many words) ‘Oh, pardon me for intruding upon your little party, but would you mind awfully if you turned it down?’ Well perhaps it wasnt as polite as that, but it was past Midnight. Day two on the DWA C and I went the LONG way into Coniston. actual distance from campsite into Coniston 3 Km, My way about 15!
No, we didnt get lost, we actually went on a hike. On purpose. Really!
Well I kniow youre not really interested, because I told you I had your dog/cat/cuddly toy, so Ill wrap up by saying I got my own back on the towny campers by scaring them up something rotten and the DWA was a DWA 😉
Remember never get in the way of me and sleep or food. You WILL regret it…
Now before Lee comes at me with something that looks painful Im off.
Edit: I know this isnt the full story, but reply to the post and I might be pursuaded to tell all at a later date.

Wow! Me bloggy again! (A rare occurance)

So here we are eh? Almost a year out of college and what have I been up to? Not that much apparently!
I am sat at my desk at work (its not just my desk, its a work-station of some variety that I have claimed as my own) on my lunchbreak, before you all start calling me names for skipping on my work, and I truely I think I can count the things I have done on one hand. Thats quite appaling for a 19 year old man of 150+ IQ.
But, I am doing good things. I am now only 1 thing off completeing my DofE gold award! Im in an apprenticeship at a nice electronics firm in Lytham. Im so close to becoming a fully warrented Scout leader its untrue. And my Dark Eldar army hasn’t moved on a bit.
Although I do have a mountain of terrain I have completed in my room, so they have lots of places to fight, there’s just not that many of them to do so…
Running a car is expensive, even when they’re working fine. but my good 1997 Rover 100 does 70 mpg when I drive it, and it can do 80 mph…it doesn’t like it that much, but it can do it…
Im thinking of naming it the Millenium Falcon, although that would infringe on SO many copyrights. But its just like the Falcon, it may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, and she can do the kfc run in less than eight parsecs. Anyway, before my boss comes along and sees me breaking the ‘Misuse of compters at work’ contract that I had to sign, I better go.
Back to work…yay.
Here I go….
…Maybe I should just declare I’m not a British national and live off the state…I’d get more money and wouldn’t have to do a thing…
And remember kids, start everyday with a Dickin’s Cider!

Blogging should be done on a regular baisis…

Well, first things first; as I was none to subtly reminded, blogging should be indeed done on a regular baisis, but when you can’t get on the internet frequently its hard to. But my apologies!
Anyway, what to tell; where to begin? Since blogged last I have:
1- Had lots of fun and frolics at christmas (which we might get to in a minute)
2- Got engaged–new years eve was interesting
3- Found a job
4- Found an apprenticeship…and so university is definately out of the picture, not that it was likely me going in the forst place, as they didnt seem to want to touch me. Not that I want random people touching me. The attention might be nice though(exclusively girls)…ok, digging a hole here…
5- Quit the first job
I suppose you all want to know what I got for x-moose? Well you aint going to get told much,needless to say I got a very nicely wrapped Cherise, but aside from that youre not getting told a thing.
Unless you ask nicely.
#..’Think’ plays in the background..#
Life is good.
Anyway, what did you get for x-moose?
….Yep, keep on talking, I can’t hear you, I was only pretending to be interested anyway.
So Cherise and myself decided to go to a newyear’s eve ball (for no other reason than to get extraordinarily pissed. Apparently) and straight after ald langs aye* had finished I dropped to one knee…and she said yes. (So its her fault, any motion needs to be seconded in order for it to be carried!)
*I know Ive spelt it wrong, but when it can’t even be ars–bothered–to be in English, what does it expect of me?
So within the first week of January I hot a phone call from Millets saying, we want an ‘informal chat’ which apparently means, ‘we want to give you a job, PLEASE come and work for us.’ Minimum wage, but 30%offoutdoor equiptment. So obviously a scout leader says yes.
So for the most of jan I was working there, then about 4 days ago an electrical company headhunted me offering an appreniceship as an electrical engineer.
Bye bye millets
My boss hates me,lol