What’s wrong with Star Wars? Episode 1: The problem with Star Wars fans

Somewhere, deep down inside I always knew I’d have to do this. As more and more people seem to insist on talking to me about Star Wars, it was inevitable that this was going to happen…Fine.



This is all utter fucking tripe.

Surprise! I’m going in a different direction!

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2019: First week

So over the last week I did quite a bit! And in keeping with The Plan, I’m going to blog about it. I got out an about with Kibby and Jayney, out on them there hills in the first of what I’m wanting to be a monthly “Summit Sunday.” The overall aim of which is to have done all the Wainwrights under my hopefully smaller waistline by the time I’m 40. All the ones I’ve done previously are wiped clean and no longer count toward this goal. So that’s 214 peaks to do in (12×8)+4 = 100 months. Yep. Totally doable screwed already.
For the first one we decided to start out easy be ticking off Holme Fell and Black Fell (nr Tarn Hows) in one sitting. They’re not big (the highest is a little over 300m) and all in all we planned for about 4 hours walking. Continue reading “2019: First week”

2019: The Plan

Yeah yeah, I know: we’ve been here before.

I’ve said it before: I’m self aware, if nothing else.

So 2018 has been and is almost gone. Over the course of the past 365 days I’ve come to think of it as…a period of my life that I’ve been through. As usual I’ve not done an awful lot of what I wanted, I’ve gotten fatter, have become less active, have procrastinated more, and have spent a lot of money on things I should have not.

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X-Wing: My Second Tournament Pt1: Best Laid Plans

Well it’s been a tad longer than I thought.

Oh it’s you again.

So a while ago I participated in an X-Wing GNK event and placed 3rd…out of 6…in an event I ran…and never got around to doing that sort of thing again. (Careful now) You would have thought by now I would have learnt right? Well, you can lead a hearse to water, but you can’t make it sink!

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Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 3: Astartes Shotgun Pt1

I mentioned a little while back that I was going to carry on my Scout cosplay with extra goodies™. It may have been heavily implied (read: “I said”) that the goggles were next, but inspiration is no man’s mistress.

Well I may have done started a thing:

This is gonna be fun

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