I’m not dead yet…

Future Sam is hard at work

Things have been happening, and stuff. I’ve not written about them, but I will return soon. I aint’nt ded.


Oh and another thing, I’m still innocent. And I am only a few steps away from proving it. Patience is it’s own reward.


X-Wing: My Second Tournament Pt2: Of Mice and Men

Oh dear, oh dear

…If you ever wanted to know the funniest Tinchy Stryder has ever been…

So things didn’t exactly go to plan

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X-Wing: My Second Tournament Pt1: Best Laid Plans

Well it’s been a tad longer than I thought.

Oh it’s you again.

So a while ago I participated in an X-Wing GNK event and placed 3rd…out of 6…in an event I ran…and never got around to doing that sort of thing again. (Careful now) You would have thought by now I would have learnt right? Well, you can lead a hearse to water, but you can’t make it sink!

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Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 3: Astartes Shotgun Pt1

I mentioned a little while back that I was going to carry on my Scout cosplay with extra goodies™. It may have been heavily implied (read: “I said”) that the goggles were next, but inspiration is no man’s mistress.

Well I may have done started a thing:

This is gonna be fun

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Mantic Games Industrial Accessories: A Review.

A long time ago I had a dream, not the one that got me through my teenage years that involved the Olsen Twins; (Bit early on in the post to start that kind of caper, eh? – Ed.) and what with my impending “freedom,” I thought it might be high time to get back on with life. Well…one little aspect of it.

“Little.” Get it? Cause it’s miniature?

…And that particular dream was to have a full boardsworth (which is my new unit of measurement) of whatever I needed. Jungle, city, desert, icy tundra, industrial complexes/spaceship interior; and for that I needed a heap of scatter terrain. I’m sure you’ve seen the term used before, used to describe typically smaller bits that can be used almost anywhere. Enter Mantic’s Terrain Crate: Industrial Accessories.
Yep, it’s another actual review. Lets jump in.
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