Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 4: Astartes Shotgun Pt 2

Admittedly I’m about a week behind where I wanted to be dear reader, BUT the great work continues!!
As I’m a bit stuck waiting for a few bits to turn up. This is where I’m at:

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Space Marine Scout Cosplay Part 3: Astartes Shotgun Pt1

I mentioned a little while back that I was going to carry on my Scout cosplay with extra goodies™. It may have been heavily implied (read: “I said”) that the goggles were next, but inspiration is no man’s mistress.

Well I may have done started a thing:

This is gonna be fun

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It’s Grim up Nerf

Yes, that’s a delicious pun. And no, it’s not mine. I am somewhat jealous.

On the 13th Kib, Arthur and I went to Grim up Nerf 8 in Farsley* for some foam darty goodness. So after a long while driving, we arrived at the Mormon Church. It’s ok, Arthur didn’t burst into flames or require permission to enter the premises or anything.

We were greeted with an 8 year old or two entering the building. Ah. Oh well, we soldiered on and went to get checked in and sign a declaration of “if I be gets hurted I not sue” and found some other adults to hang around with. We were 3 of the 4 unaccompanied adults of the day, but there were a fair few other people that should probably know better so we didn’t feel out of place. The age split was really quite good. 20 or so little’uns and 10 or so adults. Or more accurately 6 adults and 4 or 5 grown men that should probably know better.

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Target Audience Pt2

Well, continuing the theme of things I would buy if I had the money (I don’t).

I’m browsing the interwebs this lunchtime and Lo! Behold what Amazon wants to sell me:


ghillie suit

Even better given that I’m of to Grim up Nerf 8 tomorrow, Sadly it wouldn’t arrive in time, else I’d be seriously tempted. That and the brightly coloured guns sort of defeat the point…unless I paint them…

Life update – Went to  Manchester Comic Con no the 30th July weekend, and Preston last Saturday as Free hugs Jayne. Actually got recognised on Preston, which was nice.

But more on that story later.


Target Audience

So I think that Amazon and Google were taking the opportunity of my Birthday yesterday to target me a little more specifically with stuff that I’d definitely buy if I had the money. Well the joke’s on you, I don’t! Aha!

Wait…I do kinda want another of the First Order pistols (it’s as surprising as the Jolt), and the blaster rifle looks good I suppose

my birthday advert
Well played, Amazon. Well played…

Anyway, there’s only one Nerf purchase this year, and that’s this bad boy:


The Nerf Compensator Mastodon
Doesn’t look like a heavy bolter at all. Which is why I’m buying it, duh.

But that’s not all I’m doing with Nerf this year. I’m going to finish upgrading them, sell a load, and then…ammo counters, ammo counters everywhere

In other news, I have rigged up the PC in the front room, and downloaded Battlefleet Gothic Armada, the graphics card needs setting up properly and I need to wire the internet cause wireless is crap and buggy but still, it looks GAW-JUS! ERMAHGERD!



A new new job, at an old old place, plus…

Kib does keep on poking me to update, and in a break from tradition I have actually listened to him for once.

Yes, this is an update -Ed.

Ok, so a lot of shit stuff has happened in a short space of time again. Both SWMBO and myself had birthdays, I went down to Heathrow T5 with work for a fortnight. Then Scamright let me go, which just confirmed my suspicions that they had hired lots of people because they needed the bodies in now…

Eh whatever, I have a new job. Back at Lancaster University! (I don’t understand either…) I can’t go into specifics, but its to do with electronics and radiation, what could go wrong? NO I AM NOT BUILDING A BOMB, KIB.

We went to Southport Flower Show because we’re middle-aged/class.

A sleeping Snorlax blocks the path!

We have a new chair to (somewhat) match the sofa in the living room.

SWMBO and I watched What We Do in the Shadows that my good fiend* Kib has reviewed here. WATCH IT.

Armed with biostrip 20 and my old minis, I’m going backwards to make progress.


Here are three tactical squads stripped, reassembled, and all with Ultramarine + squad markings.
Special weapons are magnetised.

I mean business. I’m totally dong this
OOooo, look. Basecoated blue….

That’s about it for now! But first a sneak peak:




*Pun intentional

–OH, I forgot to mention that I’ve also upgraded most of my nerf. Next up will be…the barricade with ammo counter. Then…the clip system ammo counter….